Tooshie Tuesday

Nice shoes, nice lingerie, nice tooshie, nice hair…but is that the nicest room they could find for this picture?

Daily Cool Pics

You know what Liz?  I’ll take your word for it on that one.   Come inside and see what other funny pictures look wonderful.

Camila Morrone

Camila Morrone looking very lovely in her bikinis and other stuff.

Solid Tattoo Skills

Some incredible tattoo art work. I would be afraid to get that one wet because it would lead to some serious stuff going down.  If you are my age you understand what I mean.

Wheel of Fortune Disaster

Indiana University freshman Julian Batts could not pronounce the name of mythical Greek hero Achilles during ‘College Week.’ It was one of three embarrassing mistakes that cost the honor student thousands of dollars and a shot at $1 million.  His two other mistakes were also bad, but they only cost him a few grand…this mistake cost him $1 million.  I mean all he had to do was read the thing!

YouTube Preview Image

Funtastically Random Stuff