Tata Thursday


Judging by that smirk I think she knows she won’t be getting much eye contact today.

Daily Cool Pics


I am all or a good belly flop, but this guy is just showing off.

Greta Jimenez Lingerie Photos


Greta Jimenez showing off some stunning curves for a very lovely lingerie shoot.

This can’t be good


I am back from vacation and these images remind me that no matter how much you enjoy your vacation reality will always come back to smack you in the face.  In some cases that smack is a bull to the crotch.

Hump Day Hotties

If you need something to make you believe in anything — she should do it.  Absolutely stunning amateur ladies show off their hottness for your hump day.

Daily Cool Pics

Good thing that truck didn’t say driving knowledge or bridge smarts.


Gorgeous images of castles from around the globe.

Tooshie Tuesday

Isn’t that a majestic view right there?

Daily Cool Pics


Oh he loves to go for a ride in by bike basket.

Babs de Jongh Lingerie Pics

Babs de Jongh showing off her lingerie skills.  In most cases it is only half her skills if you get what I mean.

Funtastically Random Stuff