Pornstars And Their Favorite Sex Positions

Pornstars obviously enjoy sex in many positions, but, of course, there are certain positions they prefer over others to reach that mind-blowing “O”. One position, in particular, seems to be more popular than others, and may surprise you.. ALLIE HAZE

The Most Unbelievable Cheating Texts

People cheat all the time, so it’s never really a surprise when you hear or read about it, right? The real entertaining part is finding out how the cheating was discovered. The following cheating texts give us some insight on the ways people have

Mara Teigen Looks Familiar

Model Mara Teigen is a heater that could keep me warm any day of the week, even if it’s hot outside. What stands out the most about her, besides being the friend of one smoking hot Kylie Jenner, is the fact she resembles Angelina

Shocking Anal Sex Confessions

Anal sex is one of those subjects that makes some people cringe – men and women. Although, I’ve dabbled in a couple pretty bottoms, I’m not a huge fan of anal……kinda weirds me out! I found a few confessions concerning the practice of anal

The Most Interesting Sex Facts

Everybody is having sex(well, maybe not everybody), but a lot of us are clueless about many facts. I must admit, I consider myself a sex connoisseur, and I could, probably, still learn some things. The following pics helped me, and maybe they’ll help some

Disgusting PDA

Some people have absolutely no boundaries. It doesn’t matter where they are or who’s around, they’re gonna be all over each other. So, we might as well just Let Love Rule and enjoy!

Awkward Sex Confessions

Sex is awesome! So awesome that when the opportunity to have it presents itself, some people are willing to do it on the spot. Well, that can lead to some awkward situations(like getting caught). The following individuals confessed some of there most awkward moments