Eva Mendes in Campari Calendar 2008

A print run of only 9,999 copies and the photos of gorgeous Eva Mendes will make many men dream about becoming an exclusive owner of the Campari Calendar 2008. Each month page depicts Eva as a sexy character of some fairytale, including Cinderella, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty & The Beast and 8 others.

“The Campari Calendar has been a truly unique experience,” said Eva, 32. “I had never posed for a calendar before and I was thrilled that Campari has given me the opportunity to interpret these wonderful stories… who wouldn’t want to live a fairytale even if for a short while?”

eva mendez001_0

eva mendez002_1

eva mendez003_2

eva mendez004_3

eva mendez005_4

eva mendez006_5

eva mendez007_6

eva mendez008_7

eva mendez009_8

eva mendez010_9

eva mendez011_10

eva mendez012_11

eva mendez013_12


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