Biker Frog from Thailand

Oui, the frog, is fond of doing different tricks, among which sitting on a miniature motorcycle is probably the most famous. According to Oui’s owner ‘he loves playing with human toys and posing for photographs’.






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  1. Steve February 13, 2008 at 12:42 am #

    I really like this cool frog a lot. I want to hear it make that uuuwwweeeeeee sound! I hope no one tries to steal it or hurt the frog. I think this frog is very special.
    My girlfriend is going to visit her home and I hope she can take some video of this neat animal I sure wish I could see and hear it in person. Heck, I would like to pet it too.
    That lady is very lucky to have such an amazing frog. She should try to sell that uuuwwweee sound a ringtone for phones ($1-2 each). Maybe she could make a lot of money and use that to help some poor children and bring the kids to see the frog that made it all possible.

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