Smoking Girls Calendar

French photographer André de Plessel introduced a new calendar, called ‘I Smoke: the spirit of smoking’. It is difficult to grasp what led the guy to turn to such a controversial topic these days. Maybe, he was trying to protest against the trendy desire of Governments of various nations to ban smoking in public places or was simply attracted by the image of a sexy woman with a cigarette. In any event we don’t want to promote smoking! This post is just to share photos of hot girls with you!

smoking girls001_0

smoking girls002_1

smoking girls003_2

smoking girls004_3

smoking girls005_4

smoking girls006_5

smoking girls007_6

smoking girls009_8

smoking girls010_9

smoking girls011_10

smoking girls012_11

smoking girls014_13

smoking girls015_14

smoking girls016_15

smoking girls017_16

smoking girls018_17

smoking girls019_18

smoking girls020_19

smoking girls021_20

smoking girls022_21

smoking girls023_22

smoking girls024_23

smoking girls025_24

smoking girls026_25

smoking girls027_26

smoking girls028_27

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