Best Celebrity Magazine Covers

We’ve already posted the best nude celebrity covers! This selection is different and more complete! Celebs are not always naked and some male celebrities are also included. In a word, professionalism of the photos is more important than hot bodies depicted, which is not always bad! If you’ve enjoyed the post, please leave your comments!

best covers011_10

best covers002_1

best covers003_2

best covers004_3

best covers005_4

best covers006_5

best covers008_7

best covers009_8

best covers010_9

best covers012_11

best covers013_12

best covers014_13

best covers015_14

best covers016_15

best covers017_16

best covers019_18

best covers020_19

best covers021_20

best covers022_21

best covers023_22

best covers024_23

best covers025_24

best covers026_25

best covers027_26

best covers001_0

Celebrity Caricatures
Pin-up Style Girls Part II

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