‘Lost’ Stars in Popular Magazines

The fourth season has recently finished. Fans have to wait almost a year for the next one. To sweeten the pill we give you some cool photos of the TV series stars made for Arena, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Stuff, Details and other magazines.

lost heroes036_35

lost heroes002_1

lost heroes003_2

lost heroes004_3

lost heroes005_4

lost heroes006_5

lost heroes007_6

lost heroes008_7

lost heroes009_8

lost heroes010_9

lost heroes011_10

lost heroes012_11

lost heroes013_12

lost heroes014_13

lost heroes015_14

lost heroes016_15

lost heroes017_16

lost heroes018_17

lost heroes019_18

lost heroes020_19

lost heroes021_20

lost heroes022_21

lost heroes023_22

lost heroes024_23

lost heroes025_24

lost heroes026_25

lost heroes027_26

lost heroes028_27

lost heroes029_28

lost heroes030_29

lost heroes031_30

lost heroes032_31

lost heroes033_32

lost heroes034_33

lost heroes035_34

lost heroes037_36

lost heroes038_37

lost heroes039_38

lost heroes040_39

lost heroes041_40

lost heroes042_41

lost heroes043_42

lost heroes044_43

lost heroes045_44

lost heroes046_45

lost heroes047_46

lost heroes048_47

lost heroes049_48

lost heroes050_49

lost heroes051_50

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