Karolina Kurkova Promoting Mango

Sexy Karolina Kurkova in skimpy outfits features in a photoshoot for a new Mango collection. I think they made a right choice when choosing a model to promote their clothes. She looks gorgeous!


karolina kurkova_1_0

karolina kurkova_10_1

karolina kurkova_11_2

karolina kurkova_12_3

karolina kurkova_13_4

karolina kurkova_2_5

karolina kurkova_3_6

karolina kurkova_4_7

karolina kurkova_5_8

karolina kurkova_6_9

karolina kurkova_7_10

karolina kurkova_8_11

karolina kurkova_9_12

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