Gorgeous Fighting Babes

Michelle Waterson is a rising MMA fighter. This gorgeous Karate hottie shot to fame in 2006 with the reality show called Fight Girls even though she didn’t win. If the fighting ring is too violent a place for you, you can try picking her up when she works part time as a Hooters girl.

Mia St. John has a long career as a fighter. In college, she started in tae kwon do and managed an impressive 27-1 record. She then got into boxing and began doing it professionally in 1997. Mia St. John regularly fought four-round contests for Top Rank Boxing on the undercard of De La Hoya bouts. This earned her the nickname “Queen of the Four-Rounders”. In 1999, she posed nude for Playboy, which won her plenty of attention. She retired from Top Rank Boxing in 2001 with an 18-3-1 record, but still boxed in other arenas. In 2005, she won the IFBA Lightweight World Title and in 2008 she won the WBC International Female Welterweight title. Her current record is 44-9-2. Very impressive indeed.

Sarah Ponce can kick your ass in either San Shou or Muay Thai fighting style (you can take your pick). She has won four kickboxing titles. She is obviously a model as well (sad waste otherwise) and has racked up several big modeling shoots, including the cover for Swimwear Illustrated Magazine. This girl is one you surely don’t want to mess as she has confessed that she uses her looks to her advantage and encourages people to think of her as an airhead model. Once their guard is down she makes them regret.
Gina Carano has developed a reputation as one of the strongest female Muay Thai fighters in the world. After building a 12-1-1 record she was invited in 2007 to fight in one of the first female sanctioned events in Las Vegas. She won by unanimous decision. Since then she remains undefeated as an MMA fighter with a 6-0-0 record. Gina Carano also starred on the reality show Fight Girls as a mentor to the women on the show. Plus, she’s scheduled to star in a movie and play a character in a video game. Her other big hit: She plays Crush on American Gladiators. All of this exposure came to a head on May 13, 2008, when Gina Carano was the third most searched person on Yahoo! and first on Google on May 13, 2008.
Kyra Gracie is a Brazilian MMA fighter with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Kyra Gracie comes from a long line of BJJ in her family and has tons of hardware to show off her own success. Kyra’s a five-time BJJ winner at the Pan Am Games and three-time World BJJ Champion.

Erin Toughill started out in kickboxing before venturing into Brazilian jiujitsu. In 1999, she started her career as an MMA fighter and rose the ranks fast and furious. By 2004, she was the No. 1 ranked female MMA fighter after KO’ing a previously undefeated opponent. Erin Toughill also boxes, and fought Laila Ali in 2005 in what some argue was the most violent female boxing match ever; Toughill lost the match. Last year, she retired from boxing and MMA and, now plays the character Steel on American Gladiators which is ironically hosted by Laila Ali.

Spanish Supermodel Vanessa Lorenzo
Lorraine Van Wyk

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