Unrevealed Secrets of Famous Photos

Did you know that Photoshop was invented way back in the 19th Century? Many historical & current photos that you know of might not be actually what they seem!


One of the most famous photograph of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. But only his head was real in the picture as the body belongs to someone called John Calhoun.


See the difference between these 2 photos? The guy sitting on the right was General Francis Blair, who was apparently added only later (1865).


The guy on the left quarreled with Mao Ze Dong and his picture was removed (1936).


The guy missing seems to be called Goebbels in this photograph taken with Hitler. Reason is unknown (1937).


Sitting on a horse by yourself – Cool! Sitting on a horse held by a handler – Not so Cool. This guy is Benito Mussolini by the way (1942).


The guy in the center is Carlos Franco, who apparently quarreled with Fidel Castro after Fidel supported the entry of Soviet troops in Czech Republic (1968). Thus he disappeared from the photo.


This photographer, John Filo, won the Pulitzer Prize but was manipulated for the cover of the Life magazine to remove the rear fence. Don’t ask me why.


This is a photograph of the negotiations between Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany and Leonid Brezhnev. Rumored has it that all of them were rather drunk during the meeting. You can see the disappearing wine bottles in the German press compared to the Soviet press on the top.


The ‘gang of four’, a group of Chinese Communist Party leaders were sacked and arrested in 1976 after the death of Mao Zedong. Thus explains their disappearance from the photo.


Clement Harda was an illustrator for children’s books. We can’t have this guy seen holding a cigarette in his hands can we (2005)?


This political campaign had a sign that says, ‘Our soldiers are watching, but also our enemies’. Hmm, you mean that they are all fans of the movie “Grinch”??


Indian actress Khushbu sued MAXIM for attaching her head to someone else’s body (2005). Take the hint girl!


Perhaps trivial, but the positions of the pyramids have been moved to fit onto the cover page of National Geographic (1982).


Can you recall the time when Oprah Winfrey had such a fabulous body? Me neither. Well, here in the TV guide of 1989, Oprah was fitted with the body of actress Ann Margaret and the best thing? None of them were informed about this until Ann heard it from her dress designer.


These 2 competitive figure-skaters, Nancy Kerigan and Tonya Harding, were enemies not only on ice but in the personal life as well. But look at them, having a great time hanging out here.


This is classic photo manipulation to bring across unspoken intentions. Same photo but quite different effects. A dark and sinister O. J. Simpson was the picture TIME wanted to show.


Bobby Makkafi and her husband Kenny made headlines by being the first women to give birth to 7 children. Newsweek was kind enough to sub her less than perfect teeth for nicer pearly whites (1997).


University of Wisconsin welcomes all races. So we cannot have a picture without an African-American can we? There, perfect.


Kate Winslet demanded that her legs be ‘refined’ in this 2003 GQ front-cover.


Redbook editor confirmed that the head and body of Julia Roberts in this 2003 edition were taken from different photographs.


Top photo was a combination of the 2 photographs below. The photographer who did it in 2003 was fired from Los Angeles Times.


Top photograph shows a convicted John Kerry supporting an anti-war rally by Jane Fonda in 1971. But hey, was the rally actually held in-doors?


You might have seen this as it made its arounds on the internet in 2005. Apparently, George Bush was writing a note to Condoleezza Rice asking about a toilet break. “I think I may need a bathroom break? Is this possible?” While some questioned the authenticity of the photo and whether Mr Bush had written the whole note, journalism industry publication Editor and Publisher quoted a Reuters editor as saying Mr Bush had indeed taken a bathroom break shortly after photograher Rick Wilking snapped him writing the note.


I think her eyes need to be whiter to scare the people we send this picture to – USA Today 2005.

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