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First, we gotta apologize for the long delay in deciding on the winner of the best tagline contest. There were any good entries and we thought that we will try something new and give everyone the chance to decide on the winner. We have shortlisted 5 of the best entries for you to vote.

Voting will close on Monday 2 Dec 08 at 2100hrs (Central Time). So cast your votes now using the poll on the right sidebar!!


Entry 1
How confident are u with your brand of super glue??? – shuaib

Entry 2
At that moment Chysler’s CEO realized buying the factory’s welders on eBay wasn’t such a good idea after all…. – dbolten2

Entry 3
The 2010 Lego Car is now available. – tbo

Entry 4
Check this out, I’m gonna tear it up! – Ender

Entry 5
The New IKEA car.
Free Delivery. Self Assembly. – Cream

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Best Tagline Contest!

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