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We have previously reviewed this relatively new technology blog, Gadget Advisor Technology Blog , and we are glad to see that the blog is cntinuing to grow and to add useful content for their readers. For those who missed our previous review of this site, gadvetadvisor is basically a technology blog containing news and information of the latest gadgets and technology stuff in the market. No doubt, it is not very different from the many other technology blogs out there on the net, but what this site offers is more personal and down-to-earth discussions of the latest toys for tech geeks.

One of their latest articles, title “Gadgets to Consider When Traveling” is a good example of the type of useful content this blog offers. The whole basis of this article is to give travellers ideas of more easily overlooked travel gadgets. Pretty useful and relevant stuff. In order not to steal their thunder, we shall not reveal the gadgets they talk about, but you can read it via the link above.

Another very good article that we came across recently is “34 Recommended Software Downloads”, which should interest a majority of computer enthusiasts and nerds. A very nice list indeed. A screenshot of the very pretty layout and graphics of the blog can be seen below.

Thus, with the examples above, you can get a good idea of what you can find on They have a few basic main categories of articles namely: Computer Software, Gadgets, Computer Hardware and . As mentioned before, this blog is still relatively new, but it is obvious that the blogger is trying hard to win more loyal readers over. As such, you can expect to get a regular stream of new articles and content, written in a more personal form to attract you to keep returning. If you are into this stuff and have some spare time, you can visit the site and check it out for yourself.


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  1. The Fiery Source April 17, 2009 at 4:29 am #

    Gadget Advisor is really a nice site, the website provides informative information about the latest tech and gadget news, I most like the Tech News section by Gadget Advisor and no doubt love the other categories as well. I’ve enjoyed reading most of the article there and find many of them ahead of other Gadget news sites. Hopefully you will review other sites like this one in the future. There featured article sections has a cool article on Firefox addons and is excellent reading, I highly recommend reading the article. I read the recommended software downloads article as well, it offered me some useful tools that I will no doubt be saving money due to this discovery. Good Find!

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