Karina Jelinek heats up Hombre

Karina Jelinek is a model and that is all I really know about her so I will make some stuff up to make her seem more than a fantastic body and a great ass.  Karina was born in a foreign land ending in a NIA of some sort.  She never had money for things as she hit hr late teens and always felt she was missing out on something.  At 19 she made a thong out of a dish towel in a small four table eatery she worked in to earn money to travel to the big city….whatever big city was near her Nia land.  A visiting customer from Brazil had just purchased new thongs before her travels and left one as a tip for Karina….the rest is history.  Se went on to show off that thong for locals and tourist alike before being discovered.  Since that time her thong covered assets have graced the pages of some of the biggest magazines in the world.








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