Fitness Toy of the Day: Brooks The Beast Running Shoe


I used to run cross country and track for eight years – high school and college, but injuries pretty much stopped me from doing much running after I graduated.  I tried over the last 13 years to get back on the horse and run again, but knee issues kept coming back.  A couple of months ago I decided to give it another shot and I once again hit up my local running shop to find a shoe that would work with my flat foot that likes to roll.  I have tried most brands and all kinds of price ranges since I need a quality shoe or I have no shot to keep running.  It was suggested I give The Beast by Brooks a shot since it has amazing stability, a sturdy carbon rubber out sole, Diagonal Rollbar, MoGo midsole, X-Static sockliner, and a functional logo lacing system that really hugs the foot – oh I used to sell sneakers back in the day so please commence with the Al Bundy jokes.  After a month of training I have had no knee issue, no ankle or shin problems, and for the first time in a long while I enjoy running again.

This video is not of me in my Brooks, but I am in about the same shape!

YouTube Preview Image

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