Funtasticus Hottie of the Month: Tori Thompson


We are trying to get a new feature started up here on Funtasticus and I want to thank Tori for being our first Hottie of the Month for May.  The goal of this posting is to feature a model or just a hottie looking to get some visibility out there with our loyal visitors.  I would like to be able to have a Funtasticus Hottie of the Year and have some cash money prizes for the winner so please if you or someone you know would make a hottie drop us a line. Be sure to check out Tori’s blog and follow her on Twitter because who doesn’t need a Hottie to follow?

Name: Tori Thompson
Age: 28 going on 23
Where From: Detroit, MI
Interests: (in random order) Muscle Cars, Loud Music, Tattoos, Graffiti, Mexican Food, Working Out, Mixed Martial Arts, Steak & Potatoes, Bloomin’ Onion, Sports (but NOT SOCCER, Arena football or Women’s Sports), Gambling, Reptiles, The Loch Ness Monster, Mortal Kombat
Turn Ons: Money, Hemis, Big Rims
Turn Offs: Spam, Mullets, joop! Cologne, Anything Kanye West Says
Hobbies: Making money, spending money.  Continuing to grow as a person.  Striving to be the best I can be in life.
Occupation: Blogger, Retail Store Owner, Model
Pet Peeves:Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and currently Detroit Pistons, PT Cruisers, People who ask me how to spell my last name,dial up internet, anything “diet”, People who ride their bikes in the road when the sidewalk is right there, When you purchase two things from the grocery store: bread and milk; and the bagger puts the bread in the bag first, Pick up lines, Neighbors who borrow stuff with no intention of returning it Interesting fact: My first car was a white 1971 Ford Torino
Most Embarrassing Moment: Accidentally ordered a “Black Anus” from Burger King..meant “Black Angus” – Its turns out there IS a difference between the two. lol! What are you doing right now: Filling out this interview while twittering.
If you had one special power what would it be: Kinetic absorption.  At least twice a week I think to myself, “Gosh, it’d be nice to have Kinetic Absorption right now”
Person walking on the street trips and falls: Do you Laugh? Act Concerned? Help them up? Ignore the whole scene you are too sexy to care about clumsy people Depends who it is.  If its Ben Wallace – I’d laugh.  If it’s the Pope I’d help him up and score some “heaven brownie points”.
Promote your site: If you’re interested in making money online with no investment, be sure to check out my website http://paidopps.blogspot.com .  There’s currently over 900 articles featuring ways to make money online and save money on everyday products.  There’s also a lot of articles about online scams that are highly valuable to anyone looking to start a career online.     If you just want more “Tori”, you can catch my Twitter updates at: http://Twitter.com/Tori_Thompson


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