Hottie of the Month March: Mina


Name: Mina Stefan

Location: NYC

Age: 22 on march 15th!!! (Wishlist)

Measurements: 34C – 24 – 34

Hobbies: twittering, watching movies, playing with my chihuahua Chola

What do you look for in a guy: funny, awesome style and good personal hygiene

What do you think your best feature is:
my boobies…definitely.

Worst feature: my feet…i personally don’t like them

Hidden Talent: I can make weird “owl calls” with my tongue, among other things… 😉

Worst date: some guy took me out and his credit card was declined…so I had to pay… Biggest turn off ever

Biggest Turn off: cockiness, making me pay for a date when YOU ask me out and bad breath!

Craziest place you ever did the deed: I would never kiss and tell…that’s just not my style 😉

If you could have one special power what would it be and why: teleportation, for the sheer convenience of saving time

Any phobias: spiders scare the bujesus out of me!!! So do intruders…i always wake up in the night thinking my floor lamp is a creeper! LOL

If dating you were compared to an Olympic event which event would it be: id have to say butterfly swimming. You gotta work hard as hell to please me but once you’ve won gold, its yours to keep <3

Check out Mina on Twitter!

Also her Birthday is today so why not buy her a gift off her wish list? If we are lucky maybe she will model it for us in a future post!

Turn the page for more of Mina and a sexy video that you just have to see!

Would you like to be featured as a Hottie of the Month?  All ladies are welcome from the girl next door to a professional model!  Just e-mail us as [email protected]












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