Hottie of the Month April: Courtney

Name: Courtney
Location: Southren Cali
Age: 22
Measurements: 34-24-36
Hobbies: Reading, working out, beach, gymnastics
Occupation: Actor
Look for in a guy: I am looking for a guy that is down to earth and spontaneous. I love when a guy has a great sense of humor and is quick on his toes. Someone with ambition and passion is a must!
My best feature: I think its a tie between my eyes and smile 🙂
Worst feature: My man shoulders! haha
Hidden talent: I am a level 7 gymnast so I can pretty much do any type of back/front flip!
Worst date: a guy took me out and got lost on the freeway for 2 hours. Finally he pulled over because he was hungry. We ate at a Applebee’s…when the bill came he pushed it toward me and said “I don’t have my wallet”. Then he drove me home. HA
Turn on: “The V” as I like to call it. The muscle by the hip bones…gets me every time!
Turn off: When a guy is was too cocky. I cant handle when a guy starts talking about himself and then 2 hrs later forgot to even ask me my name.
President or reality TV star: that’s a hard one…it seems like they have the same amount of influence these days!
Do blondes have more fun: I think fun people have fun, it doesn’t have to do with your hair color!
If you could date a hot guy that was dull as hell or an average looking guy that made you laugh all the time who would you choose: Average guy for sure. Fun beats out looks any day in my book.
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