Rick’s Cabaret Hottie: Elisa

Our friends over at Rick’s Cabaret New York have delivered to Funtasticus their first Hottie of the Month.  I would like all of you to say hello to Elisa.  As you can see the tall sultry blonde is nothing short of gorgeous and if you are a Yankee fan you will be happy to know she supports the boys in Pinstripes.

According to Elisa “A bunch of the players come here all the time. One of them… he’s so cute… I’m his favorite dancer. He’s so cool. I could tell you who he is, but that just wouldn’t be right.”

Once again if you are in NY and looking for a great night out head over to Rick’s on West 33rd St and enjoy a few dances with Elisa or one of her friends.  We look forward to bringing you new Hottie each month and if you are heading over drop me a line because I’ll never say no to a night at Rick’s!







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