Funtasticus Links

Jaime Edmondson gets in Cam Newton’s pants (trust me there are pictures of that too)

The best show to watch when you need to laugh at people

Don’t piss off these kick ass movie dads or you will die

Scarlett Johansson in full body spandex…yep that works

Jessica Rayanne understands the art of the handbra

Tiffany Crystal…no idea who she is but I like what I am seeing

White bikini throw down…who would you choose?

Arizona State hottie Sabrina

You have to appreciate Alison Brie and her subtle hotness

Sacramento has some sweet looking dancers

Elisha Cuthbert is just so damn fine

Katy Price welcome to the upskirt club…again

Real life Barbie Doll…hot or creepy?

Doug Flutie’s daughter is a sexy little Pats cheerleader

Hilary Duff does Rio

Emma Watson gets a new commercial..stays sexy doing so

Everyone say hello to Alba Carrillo

With a name like Hope you know you will be hot

Gabrielle Union in a bikini…still my favorite

Lauren...Philadelphia Girl in Arizona
Funtasticus links

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