Funtasticus Hottie of the Month: Marianne Marie D’Vaz


We discovered Marianne Marie D’Vaz on Twitter one day and it was the day I realized how critical that site is to all of us.  I asked the lovely Marie if should would be interested in being featured on Funtasticus and she said YES!  After that I decided to push my luck and asked if she would be interested in becoming a bit of an advice girl for the fans of the site and she agreed!  So who out there needs advice?  Dating, work, fantasy football, sex, etc…just tweet over your questions to us and we will select some for Marie to tackle.

Now let’s find out a bit about her and see more more pictures!Name: Marianne Marie D’Vaz
Location: Toronto Canada
Age: 27 (Her Birthday is on Tuesday so you better follow her on twitter and send some Birthday wishes!)
Measurements: 34D-25-35
Occupation: Model/actress
Turn-Ons: Good sense of humor, great smile
Turn-Offs: Cockiness, shallow guys
If you could have one super power, not flying, what would it be: To be able to read peoples minds. Probably not the greatest idea but I want to know what people are really thinking.
Perfect man: If he can cook and make me laugh, he’s perfect to me!
What is sexier – naked man or naked woman: Love naked guys, don’t get me wrong, but a naked woman, much sexier. Its all about the curves
Would you lie because it is easier than telling the truth: Unfortunately yes! But it depends on the situation. I do it if its about something that could seriously hurt someones feelings. I think just about everyone would.
If you could be one Disney character who and why: Ariel from The Little Mermaid, shes hot and I always wanted to be a red head! Plus I’ve always been fascinated with mermaids.
Underwear choice: A lace thong, pink please!
Best Drunk food: French fries and a burger loaded with pickles and ketchup, yummy in my tummy
Most embarrassing moment: Oh God. Too many to go through. But one of the worst was with an ex I dated a few years ago. He’s an ex now for a reason. He came to my door and presented me with a ring and was like here you go. Stupid me, I thought he bought it for me, so I’m like oh thank you so much! Its pretty! He’s like isn’t it yours? I thought this was your ring. I said no. Turns out he found it in his car and it was from a girl who he was cheating on me with!
Do you claim it is hard to be so hot because guys are intimidated by your looks: I don’t think so at all. I have a very open and approachable personality. I don’t think I’m better than anyone.
What is more important in a guy good sense of humor or a hot body: Said it once and I’ll say it again, sense of humor is way more important. Looks fade over time. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a hottie when I see one, but great humor is more important.
Size of the boat or motion of the ocean: Size is important to me initially, but if he is on the smaller side and knows how to make me feel good, then that’s all that matters!

We are trying to get Marie over the 3000 follower mark with this post so please follow her and make her smile before the weekend!

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