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Oregon’s Stephanie Essin could be the next Erin Andrews

Wow Danielle Knudson is blond and amazing in  a bikini

Julianne Hough models and we appreciate every sexy image

Lil Aldridge has one bodacious booty

Wil Wheaton you are a wise man…pay attention people

Irina Shayk just said something the caused men to weep globally

Bambi Lashell…with  a name like that you know you will see  a hottie

Maxim makes Jwoww look really slutty…and that is a challenge

Jennifer Morrison makes me miss the beach

Oh a contest for the hottest college undergrad…such a good contest

This is how you sell stuff…simplistic

 I miss Vida Guerra so here she is again

Watching porn with your girl and other important pieces of info

Funtasticus Links
Funtasticus Links

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