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It is a very special day here at Funtasticus.  Miss May 2010, Kassie Lyn Logsdon, agreed to do a little Q&A with us…more specifically with me.  Oh yes an authentic Playboy Playmate actually agreed to correspond with little old me!!!  I must say this is one of my crowning moments running a website . I feel like if I play my cards right I might get an invite to the Playboy Mansion to hang with Hef and get a monthly column in Playboy Magazine.  I can dream can’t I?!?

Name: Kassie Lyn Logsdon

Age: 25

Where were you born: Hollywood, CA

Where do you live now: Lake Arrowhwead, CA

How did you get discovered for Playboy: I went to high school with Heather Rae Young, Miss Feb 2010 and afterwards we became friends. She moved to the beach and started modeling and working with Playboy. One day she called and said Playboy needed a model for a Playboy Special Editions shoot and after some convincing, I decided to do it. I did that shoot and loved it! Then 2 days later Playboy called and asked me to test for Playmate! Obviously that went well! lol

Was it your first modeling opportunity: Yes so it made it that much more uncomfortable being nude the first time!

Best thing to come from your Playboy pictorial: The best thing to come from the whole experience is the relationships I’ve made with people along the way. People I never would have met if it wasn’t for my work with Playboy.

Is Hef the luckiest man alive: Hef worked hard to get where he is so I wouldn’t call it luck but he definitely lives the life!!

Have you been in the Grotto…did the clothes stay on: I have been in the grotto countless times and swim suits are typically frowned upon!

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now: Whatever it is, I just hope I’m happy doing it! :)

Average looking guy with a great sense of humor or great looking guy that has the personality of a dead tree: Definitely option 1. Funny guy always wins over a lame pretty boy!

Ok now the average guy also is offering you a kitten or puppy…does that help: I do like puppies and kitties but I already have 3 cats and a dog so, in this instance, no it doesn’t help. But it doesn’t hurt either! lol

Biggest fear you are embarrassed to admit…like squirrels or sock puppets: Oh if I was afraid of squirrels I’d probably be agoraphobic where I live! I use to be afraid to use the garbage disposal switch when my hands were wet. Then one day I realized it wasn’t going to kill me. lol

Strangest thing someone has offered to get a date with you: I find it weird people always offer to take me out for coffee! Why coffee? Can’t even buy me a meal? lol

Boxers or Briefs on a guy: Boxers

If you never became a model what would you be doing: I guess we’ll never know!

Celebrity crush that you have yet to meet: Ryan Reynolds! He’s funny and adorable!

Favorite place to visit: I have two. The Playboy Mansion and Disneyland! They both bring out the kid in me!

If you could live in one place the rest of your life where would it be: I’m not sure yet. Theres still so many places I want to see before completely settling down. I know I want to be out in the country somewhere on a few acres and a pretty view. :)

You can have a superpower – not flying – for 24 hours..what and why: Probably telekinesis. That would be fun to play with for a day!

Shower or Bath: Shower usually although an occasional bath is nice from time to time.

Can you unwrap a Starburst with your tongue: No! Can people actually do that?! That’s a talent!!

Check out Kassie on the web at all of this locations…and I suggest you do because she posts some of the most amazing and gorgeous pictures you will ever see.

Kassie’s Official Sitewww.kassielynlogsdon.com

Kassie On Facebookwww.facebook.com/kassielynlogsdon

Kassie on Twitterwww.twitter.com/misskassielyn

Kassie –

Thanks again for taking the time to have some fun with Funtasticus.





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