Tempe12 Hottie of the Month: Codi Sichling

The good folks over at Tempe12 have been kind enough to share one of their sexy ASU coeds with us this month.  I would like to introduce you to Codi Sichling and her amazing pictorial. Want to know some important information about Codi?  Well you better bring your mind because Codi is sporting a 3.6 GPA with a major in Speech Pathology at Arizona State.  This means she can tell if what you are saying is worth listening too or not. All I know is that when I was in college in ice cold MA you never saw a bikini — hooded sweatshirts and a lot of bulky clothes to prevent frostbite.

Codi didn’t travel far from home to go to college – she is a local girl who was born and raised in Florence , AZ.  If you are a couch potato you have no shot because she enjoys outdoor activities like shooting, riding quads, working out and hanging out with friends. So you better not offer to take her on a picnic to go look at the pretty birds — unless you are shooting at them it seems.  If you are going to take her out she goes for  Sushi & Mexican food.  When you do get home from a long day of shooting you can cuddle up and flip on one of her favorite shows Sons of Anarchy. if you want to take her away better have  a few bucks because her location of choice is Prague.  If you have dreams of a threesome you better have some connects to Oiva WIlde because that is her girl crush and it helps if you hit the gym because she likes big arms.











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