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I love it when models hug

Grettell Valdez is a sexi Mexi

The Brits to tend to make them very busty

Florida has an unfair advantage with this hot blonde on campus

Check out the toosh on Xenia Deli…that is one fine deli

If you don’t laugh at this you are sick in the head

When you call Fitzy and she turns around you will be very happy

Tucson girls on Spring Break…life is not fair

What is it with pepper spray these days?

Indiana Evans has a bikini wedgie

Tell me this guy isn’t going to fall apart this year

Don’t dress your kid up to look like a Jersey whore

People are idiots….thankfully those idiots have friend with cameras to catch the hilarity

Lucy Pinder just keeps getting better

*** April is Autism Awareness Month and Stella&Dot is donating 20% of the sale from two special bracelets to Autism charity and awareness ***

Funtasticus Links
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