Hottie of the Month: Elaina Christina

This month we have a new stunning addition to our Hottie of the Month series which has been a bit lacking recently.  I would like to introduce you to Elaina Christina who is currently working out of Southern Florida.  I hope you enjoy and leave some kind words for her.

Name:Elaina Christina
Location:Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Measurements: 24″34″34C
Hometown: Akron, ohio
First modeling job: Christian Aporta Swimwear Catalog shoot. I was SO NERVOUS!!
Celebrity crush:  Channing Tatum, of course.
Guy in boxers / briefs: Boxers, please.
Biggest Turn on: Comfortable Dorkiness 😉
Biggest Turn off: Bad breathe. ew!
Most embarrassing moment: I have SO many! lol, anyone who knows me will tell you I’m so clumsy! I would have to say the MOST embarrassing moment would have to be slipping, and almost falling on stage at a fashion show for Lamborghini. I was being filmed, unfortunately. lol
Worst date:  LOL, dinner at a place called Rocco’s Taco’s, with an ex boyfriend. We got a pitcher of margaritas, and unlimited tacos. Something sparked an argument and he stormed off…I was left with the bill…and a pounding headache from all those margaritas. lol
Size of the boat or motion of the ocean: no comment. lol
Would you go for an average guy with a great sense of humor or Ryan Gosling with no personality: AVERAGE guys are way more fun. I can’t stand the “pretty
boys” honestly.
Have you ever had Bieber Fever: NOT ashamed to admit it. 😉 He is a total HOTTIE for his age <3
Biggest fear that people would laugh at: I have a thing about complete darkness. I always go to sleep with some kind of light on…I’m a wuss, I know.
If you could have one super power for a day (not flying) what would you want and why: It would be to read to people’s minds.  Sometimes I assume that others are thinking the worst…maybe if I could REALLY see what they were thinking, I wouldn’t be so worried. lol
One night stand or relationship: Relationship
Dream Job: Founder of the world’s first and only empire designed solely around INDIVIDUALITY and one-of-a-kind creations..”SwagNaytion”.
Instagram: @ElainaChristina (coming soon!)

*** Elaina is making weekly football picks over at The Pigskin Doctors – can you do better than her?  Take a look at her selections and leave yours!  Maybe we can arrange for an autographed photo if someone goes perfect on the week! ***

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