Funtasticus Links

Monika Pietrasinska is what every teenage boy wants for Christmas. 

A furry hat can really bring a lingerie photo shoot together

Lacy Chabert is busting out…she has come a long way since Party of Five

If i got to stare at this every time I did yoga…I would do yoga a lot

Nicole Scherzinger and her classy upskirt moment

Hottest women from the Game of Thrones

Barbara Palvin is just so hot

Alexa Vega is yummy on so many levels

Sexy Notre Dame coeds

Why is this woman mounting  a manatee?

Be thankful for Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini…Hunger Games indeed

Rachelle Leah really makes Instagram something you need to follow daily

A hot blonde in skin tight leather…works for me

Why dads don’t plan baby showers

When your fans start to quit it is a really bad sign

Don’t forget about some great deals at Amazon!

Funtasticus Links
Funtasticus Links

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