Model of the Month: Amanda Roadmen

Amanda Roadmen is a stunning 23 year old model from Boston that has recently become one of the newest Angels for Victoria’s Secret.  She took the time to answer some questions for us and let us know some more about her life.  We hope you enjoy the pictures she shared with us and if you have any questions for her please let us know.

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Name: Amanda Roadmen
Age: 23
Measurements: 34D – 22- 34
Hometown: I am from Boston MA go patriots!!!!
Relationship status: I am single and loving it to be honest!
How did you get into modeling: I always knew at a young age I wanted to be in this business it’s always been my dream , I started out doing beauty pageants and I won a lot of them which got me introduced to agencies and endorsement deals which got my name out there that’s where it all began I’ve been modeling since I was 14 … Crazy how time flies!
Worst job as a model: oh man…. Once I had to do an underwater shoot it was awful …. Trying to look beautiful when your under water is completely impossible let me tell you! Ha ha ha!
Person you enjoyed working with the most: I’ve worked with so MANY amazing models and actors and actresses but I’d have to say my favorite was working with Scarlett Johansson I just finished filming a part in a movie with her she’s a sweetheart and my favorite model I’ve worked with is my fellow angel friend Miranda Kerr she’s such a beautiful woman!
Biggest perk of being a VS model: there are tons of amazing perks but my favorite is I get free Lingerie for the rest of my life and that’s the best for any girl especially me I’d rather wear Lingerae than anything else ha!
Most people see a gorgeous model and think it is easy work. Why is being a top tier lingerie model hard work: I know people definitely think that but it’s not that easy…. Modeling requires a lot of acting … A good model needs to know how to pose a certain way have amazing facial expressions and can do any type of facial expression we have to be able to act as well we are acting all the time when were in front of the camera it’s not as easy as most think…. That’s why some models make the best actresses because we have been doing it years before breaking into the acting scene which I am actress as well I love acting and modeling!
Do you have to work out all the time and watch what you eat or are you the lucky one that can have a milk shake before bed and never gain an ounce: I am so short to be a Vs Angel I am 5’3 almost 5’4 …. The tiniest bit of weight looks like an extra five lbs on me all my short girls out there know what I’m talking about it! Haha! I do work out I love working out I kick box I do dance classes I love dancing … I hike I do cardio and some weight training to tone I do go by a diet 5 days a week and I get my two cheat days on the weekends it helps me stay on my diet if I allow myself to have cheat days where I can eat what I want hahah! I’m Brazilian Italian Spanish and Irish so I love me some good pasta and Mexican and Brazilian food which is so fattening but it’s soooooo goood!
What do you feel is your best and worst feature: I get a lot of compliments on my hair and eyes I’ve also been told I have a great butt too ha ha! I’d say my best feature would be my legs and butt! My worst well I’d say my height cuz I’m only 5’3 I’ve been blessed in the modeling world for my height to be so tiny!
Favorite place to visit: I love to go back to my hometown to visit I miss my family and friends in Boston … I try To go back as much as I can!
You have one super power (not flying) for 24 hours – what do you choose and why: I would choose the power to read people’s mind … Because it would be awesome to know if people truly like you for you find out who’s your real friends and fake friends and it would just be awesome being psychic like that!
Do you go for the gorgeous guy with a bad attitude or the average looking guy that makes you laugh all the time: oh I go for the guy who makes me laugh! Looks fade they aren’t everything … I am 30 / 70 which means 30 percent looks and 70 percent personality I do not like guys with bad attitudes its a complete turn off!
Irrational fear that you are ashamed of: (you know like clowns or toddlers) I am terrified of clowns ha ha! They are so creepy looking…
Goals outside of being a model: I am acting now as well which was my main goal when I entered the business …. I hope one day to be a big star like JLo!
Biggest influence: I’d have to say Jlo she’s Latina like me and from the easy coast like me I adore her she’s soooo beautiful!
You win $425 million in the Powerball drawing – you retire or keep working: I would keep working because I love what I do… I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I’ve always been the type of girl who loves getting glammed up and wearing sexy Lingerie heels … Gorgeous clothes and that’s one of the perks of modeling you get to do that every day!

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More info on Amanda:

Amanda Roadmen is a super model who just became one of Victoria’s Secret Angel. Amanda has stared in films such as “Rock of Ages”, the upcoming Eli Roth Film “Project Fatality” “Bride Wars”, “The Surrogates”, She has started in many sitcoms such as “How I met your mother playing “Kismet” Barney’s love interest for 4 episodes…. Amanda was also on “The League”, “Entourage”, Tosh 2.0, C.S.I. , & recently 666 Park Avenue. She has been the cover girl of the most amazing magazines such as “world’s most beautiful magazine, Maxim Magazine U.S.A. & International covers 8 times in different countries and in the united States. FHM has made her the cover of all their magazines they have in 20 different countries. She has also been in Stuff Magazine, Russia Vogue, Vogue U.S., G.Q., Sports Illustrated, ALLURE Magazine, W. Magazine, Latina Beauty, & many many more. Amanda has stared in several music video’s such as playing “Jasmine” in the “HEY JASMINE” FLO’RIDA Video & just recently staring in the new Jay Sean video. She’s also stared in “Hott Chille Rae “Tonight, Tonight” video, Matt Nathanson, Black Cowboy, Heartstop, Gorillaz, David Guetta & Nicki Minaji “Where them Girls At”. Amanda has been the face of several endorsements & clothing lines as followed, BCBG, VICTORIA SECRET, MARC JACOBS, TWO IN THE SHIRT, CROOKS & CASTLES, WLKN STORE, LUVHOOD, Old Navy, La Perla Lingerae, Guess Jeans, Armani & several more. She is one of the most contoversial model’s in the industry who is becoming one of the biggest rising stars of her time.

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