Melissa Lori Yoga Booty In The Park For Tooshie Tuesday

I can get used to this whole smoking hot girls doing yoga in the park movement. Playboy model Melissa Lori is definitely embracing the concept, and thank God for that! I know what you’re thinking – “We really can’t see her face in any of these pictures. How do we know it’s Melissa?” Because I told you so, and who cares about her face when she has an ass like that and it’s doing the whole flexing, up in the air thing? Jeez!!! Melissa’s shorts prove the Devil exists. Only he would put it in her head to wear shorts like that in a public setting where her ass is gonna be doing the things it’s doing in front of a bevy of potential pervs such as myself roaming the area. I used to carry a pair of binoculars around everywhere I went and people always asked me why. I rest my case!

melissa lori yoga park 2016-1_0

melissa lori yoga park 2016-10_1

melissa lori yoga park 2016-11_2

melissa lori yoga park 2016-12_3

melissa lori yoga park 2016-2_4

melissa lori yoga park 2016-3_5

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