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The current average amount of daily  visitors is 13, 000 with nearly 7 page views per visit in general and our new theme has seen page views over 83,000 daily. The age of the website is about 2 and a half years with a significant amount of loyal visitors who enjoy visiting the website on a daily basis.



Currently we can offer you a number of “ad zone” where you can place your advertisements. They are:

1) Area A – 728 x 90 Top Funtastic Banner (1 Available)

That’s a site-wide banner which is located at the top of each of 1500+ pages of the website and has the highest exposure amongst other ad zones. This zone usually attracts more than 80,000 impressions daily and has a solid click-through rate depending on the nature of the advertisement.


2) Area B – 300 x 250 Top Side Banner (1 Available)

This is a medium rectangle banner which is placed in the top right corner on every page of the site. This  zone will function the same as the Top 728×90 Zone and receive more than 80,000daily impressions, this ad zone is great for increasing your product and brand awareness and achieving the highest return on investment.


3) Area C – 125×125  (5 available)

This is a basic small square ad the will appear on the middle of the left ad column and appear site wide.  There will be 5 ad units of this size sold and each unit will receive over 80,000 impressions daily.


4) Area D – 468×60 (1 Available)

This ad unit will appear on each individual post page below the content and above the comments section. The site averages 6 posts per day and 4 of them require a click through to view the complete content.  With over 3 page views per user you will receive over 80,000 impressions daily from this ad section. is growing fast and if you would like to discuss any other advertising opportunities you can always contact us

via email: Webmaster at FUNTASTICUS dot COM

We are also happy to discuss any unusual marketing campaigns and other ad placements you might like.