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House Explosion Caught on Camera

Residents in Stafford Township, NJ reported the smell of gas in their neighborhood so authorities responded to investigate.  What happened shortly after was caught on a police cruiser dash-cam  as a house exploded in an instant fireball.  The explosion resulted in 15 injuries – two of which were critical.

Justin Bartha awkward interview moment

During halftime of Sunday’s Knicks game against the Cavaliers, Justin Bartha was the guest of Martin’s “New York Minute” segment, but the “Hangover” star kept telling Jill Marin to stop texting him about Bradley Cooper.

Allison Stokke take you for a ride

Allison Stokke, the sexy pole vaulter from Cal, that became in internet sensation a few years ago is back and looking sensational.  Stokke shot a video for GoPro cameras showing you what it is like to jump over a stick using a stick.  Very cool video.