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Haunted House


Nothing like heading to a haunted house with your buddies, getting scared, having your picture taken holding hands with your buddy because of fear, and than having those pictures end up all over the net.  Well if you want to be part of the fun head on over to the Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagra […]

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Stay Dry


This would be a great umbrella to walk around NYC with during rush hour.

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That doesn’t sound right


Hmmmm….I am sure for some that sounds very appetizing, but I don’t think they really now what they are saying in some of these.

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Some lovely photos…almost


Sometimes all the effort in the world can’t produce a picture you should hag on the wall.

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Signs…with a twist


Some signs are just asking for some editorial work.

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Very Informative Signs


Some signs are not very helpful…not these bad boys.

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Parking Skills


Gotta park across two spots because don’t want to get my car scratched…TOOL!

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Photobomb Fun


A true art that is not appreciated in its own time.  Years from now this will be seen as a critical artistic movement.

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Useful Signs


Signs are there for a reason people.

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Dino Tats


Nothing like a sweet dinosaur tattoo.

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Bad Dates


@rhodri asked his followers to describe their worst dates i n40 characters or less.  Check out these gems.

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Weather for this weekend

I think this video sums up what we are looking at this weekend for weather in NY.

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Funtastically Random Stuff