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Facebook has some odd ads

weird facebook ads 1_0

And you wonder why you don’t click on those ads?

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Unique Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitations 1_0

You can tell a good wedding by the invitation.

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This is a hut tub

hot Tub 1_0

Going outside to enjoy a nice dip in a hot tub really is overrated. Check out this little creation that everyone can enjoy while watching Matlock.

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Interesting way to use paint

ball of paint 17_8

If you have nothing to paint and a few thousand pounds of paint lying around you can make a giant paint ball like this beauty.

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Build A Pool

Build A  Pool 37_30

It gets hot out…you have time to kill and some skills with digging dirt…why not build a pool?

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Need some Motivation?

motivational posters 19_10

Sometimes you just need to see things a bit more clear….these help.

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How to get attention on a telephone pole

funny street signs 18_9

These are better than those want to learn a new language ones I see in the city.

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Not all offices are built the same


Some people work on a boring cubicle,,,some companies make the office a very unique place.  if you want to work at Google – they have cool offices too.

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Ready to swim in NYC


Exclusive pool sin NYC are very expensive…how about a reasonable alternative?

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Unique Business Cards


You need to stand out…see through cards do that.

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Up for a drink?


If you are going to waste beer..make it a Keystone.

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Knitting is always nice


Maybe the folks at Occupy Wall Street should have knitted and sold sweaters to tourists coming to take pictures of them.

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