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Saddam’s Yacht for Sale

Qadissiyat Saddam, designed for the former Iraq leader Saddam Hussein, is now open for sale for $34,5 million. Constructed in 1981 by the Danish engineers, the yacht boasts, among other things, a secret emergency exit, a mobile hospital and a helicopter landing area. The yacht can accommodate 28 guests and 35 members of the crew.

Top 11 Most Expensive Animals

If you have enough money why not to treat your beloved with an exotic Christmas present. It’s not against the law to keep these animals at home, so that you can really purchase one of them for your own pleasure. 11. Bengal Cat for $800-$3000

Putin – The Tsar of new Russia

The Time magazine has named Vladimir Putin the Person of the Year. We decided not to miss this event and publish some photos with the Russian president which may be interesting to some of you.

Why Did Johny Get Upset?

Johny and Johanna used to love each other. Once upon a time Johny went to the army and Johanna promised to wait for him faithfully. When he finished his military service Johanna presented him with a wonderful night of love. In the morning she told Johny how lonely she felt without him and that she

National Geographic Contest 2007 – People

While we already had a selection of best National Geographic photos some time ago about animals (here), today we are publishing the series called “People”. Some photos are slightly disturbing, but I hope you’ll still enjoy them. A street salesman carrying a tray on his head. © Ceren Karacayir

Dreams of Flying

Great creative photos by Jan Von Holleben, an award winning German Photographer. He has won awards such as the Observer Hodge Photographic Award, a Lucie Award in NY and the Audi-Next Level Photographic Award.

Very Unusual Earrings

You are a computer geek and you need a present for your girlfriend but you can’t think of any? Well, it can’t be simpler – just buy these earrings and hope that she will like them.