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The Sky is all around us everyday, but we often fail to appreciate the beauty it holds – that was deep right??

Beautiful Frozen Haven – Antarctica

Antarctica is probably one of the harshest environment to live in. It is the Earth’s most southern continent, overlying the South Pole. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice (taken from Wikipedia, but not sure if this is still true with global warming!). On average, Antarctica takes the records for the coldest, driest and

The stunning Heidi Cortez

Heidi Cortez is a 27 year old American model, writer, actress from California.  She co-hosted the ESPN show The XTra Point, was a professional ring girl, has lent her voice to an erotic stories CD, was a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show, and owns a tanning salon in Reno, NV.

Daily Cool Pics

For all of you that had one drink too many this weekend and have some regrets this Monday these pictures will either make you smile or bring you some serious flashbacks.