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Sympathy comes in many different shapes and sizes.  When it comes in the shape and size of a topless hottie sitting next to your fat ass you have the decency to look at her!

Daily Cool Pics

You know with the right incentive even I could drag my lazy ass out of bed and work out. Worst case I would sit down and watch her jump rope. I am sure that will get some blood flowing. Plus I’ll get some fresh air which is also a good thing.

Animals have amazing camouflage

No matter how advanced military camouflage becomes it will never be able to compete with the amazing skills of animals in nature.  How long does it take you to spot the critters in these pictures?

Stop Motion Photography

Really cool stop motion photography shows you the phases of some impressive stunts and moments.  I was unable to find out about who took these images so if you know please drop me a line.  I had some stop motion images of me trying to dunk, but when I developed them it just looks like

Daily Cool Pics

Remember that in the race succeed you are always going to piss some people off and those people will usually let you know how they eel.

2009 Sony Photography Awards

The 2009 Sony Photography Awards will take place next month and on talented photographer will take the the L’Iris D’Or.  The award recognizes the photographer o the year and one of these images might possibly take home the prize.  Twelve different categories that cover everything from landscape to current affairs create one of the most

Daily Cool Pics

Remember that children are our future and we must teach them wisely.  These ladies are showing all the young ladies the future earning potential they have from dressing whorishly and dancing for men.  The young men are learning that they will throw singles away like water if a hot whorish girl will shake her ass