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Who says that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose it’s how you play the game?  Well tell that to the poor kid who finished fourth and got a crappy participant trophy!  You can see that kid plotting his revenge and future steroid use right now….check back in 12 years to see the results.

Daily Cool Pics

Sometimes I think people make life way too complicated.  Look at computers over the years.  When they first came out they filled up a room, Xerox had all the great ideas, but let them walk out the door, Apple designed a great system that Microsoft stole, and so on.  Now machines are everywhere from homes

I want to work at Google

When you had a stock trading at over $700 a share I guess you can throw some money around on making your office space fun and enjoyable for your employees.  The Google Zurich office seems like a nice place to hang your hat for a few hours a day.  I thought getting a no window

Daily Cool Pics

Remember that no matter how old you get it is never too late to dream.  Sure most of us never became a professional athlete, a famous actor, incredibly wealthy, or a porn star, but as long as you can find a way to live your dream a little bit each day you will find happiness. 

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…will eat you

I think it would be cool to pet a lion or a tiger…if they were unconscious and there was no chance of them eating me. Look at the big cats in these pictures and tell me if you would be sitting on their backs as if they were a carnival ride.  Their teeth will cut

Daily Cool Pics

Hopefully you are back to business as usual this Monday morning and not hanging out of the side of your car licking some pavement.  I spent the weekend doing a little birthday drinking and gambling myself, but I made it through the night without an incident.  I can’t say the same for all of my

The sexy Natacha Peyre

Natacha Peyre is a gorgeous 24 year old Swedish model model. She was born in Ibiza, Spain and is actually half Spanish on her mother’s side.  She has done work for magazines such as Playboy and Moore, has appeared in several commercials, and took part in the reality show Paradise Hotel in 2005.