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Polticians know how to behave

I always thought that getting into politics would be a nice thing to do with my life.  You get to help people, trying and make a change, work with others that have high moral standards, and most importantly the weekly fight club. I mean who doesn’t like trying to get some laws into the books

Daily Cool Pics

It’ Friday and it is time to party!  I don’t know i I would recommend giving yourself a champagne shower when you hit the bars, but save that for later on in the evening when you are sure you have no shot to get laid.  Best case scenario some dunk girl thinks you re really

Daily Cool Pics

Lonely?  Never get this lonely or people will start to look at you funny.  They will go from feeling sorry for you and trying to fix you up with their slutty friends to screaming when you come near them.

How to properly pick a pocket

For those of you out there thinking of taking up a new job during this difficult economic time I give you the talents of the Chinese at picking pockets.  Sure you might think this is wrong and that stealing is bad, but if you don’t notice someone reaching into your bag or pocket to take

Something seems a bit off here

The dog and the duck image was posted in our Daily Pics the other day and got a nice response of laughter from some of our fans.  So we figured why not expand on the topic and show you that the dog isn’t alone in cross species boom boom.  I guess this is similar to

Daily Cool Pics

Sometimes people just need to know the truth and sometimes that truth might hurt. However when you get to follow that hurtful truth up with some yum yums it is all good.  Think about it a kid gets picked on and cries you give him some ice cream…all is good.  A guy gets dumped because

Doc Martens can have some flair

I think of Doc Martens and I don’t think colorful designs. You get a look of tough guys or wanna be tough guys, ripped jeans, tattoos, and scary musicians.  However, it seem some people like to fancify their Docs up a bit to give them some personal touch.  I still wouldn’t buy a pair though….just