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The Seven Deadly Sins


The cardinal sins, as portrayed by women.

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Daily Selection


 More than 60 images inside!

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7 Most Amazing Roads and Streets in the World


Buenos Aires, Argentina – the widest road in the world.

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Plane Restaurant

plain restaurant001_1

It is not an ordinary aircraft but a restaurant & bar. The plane itself became popular long before the transformation, however. In 1986 it was transporting weapons from the USA to the Nicaragua smugglers but was brought down. The plane was left on the Costa-Rica coast where the locals transformed into the “El Avion” restaurant.

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Kyla Ebbert Playboy Pics


Kyla Ebbert became popular after being escorted off a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing an inappropriate outfit (the one on the left of the photo). You can read the full story here. ‘This is a family airline, and you are too provocative to fly on this flight’ – said the airlines employee. Well, now she […]

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Stylish Advertising

smart advertising036_26

A selection of high-class adverts that will never make you embarrassed for buying their goods or using their services.

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Jesus Car

jesus car001_0

 Why not to show your love to Jesus by modding your auto? Seems nice to me!

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Loving Animals

loving animals014_11

Animals can sometimes be really tolerant and open-minded! Friendship for some of them is more important than unnecessary stereotypes! We have much to learn from them…

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Amanda Braun

Amanda Braun001_5

From Russia with love! Hot communist babe!

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Light Graffiti


“Using LED glowsticks, flashlights, even fireworks, combined with time-lapse photography, light graffiti artists create a unique tagging that wraps around objects dimensionally, allowing them to tag in a way they’d never be able to with spraypaint.”

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‘Start pushing’, passengers asked

An Indian train driver came up with an original idea when the train he was driving broke down unexpectedly. Rather than face the prospect of scores of frustrated passengers launching a chorus of complaints, the driver instead asked them to get out and push. Many chose to get out of their seats and do just […]

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Daily Selection

daily selection022_8
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