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Kitty’s Home

You wonder how to make use of the broken computer monitor? A great option will be to use it as a treat to your cat transforing it into a new funny and comfortable bed.


Mothers usually have to do many things at one time, this new pillow will help the babies to feel the “mother’s hand” even when mom is away!

Online Poker Brings Fortunes

The owner of this flat earns his living by online gambling, or online poker to be more specific. As can be seen from the photos it’s quite a good way to become rich. If you have enough luck, of course…

Spoiled Photos #2

When the photos are accidentally spoiled, it may be really funny! We continue to publish the best of them. Our previous selection can be found here.

Million-dollar Сollar

This diamond-encrusted collar can be purchased only in Harrods, London and will cost about 1,030,000 bucks. However, it’s not the most expensive collar as one might think. The leader here is ‘Amour Amour’ depicted below with the price tag of $1,800,000.