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Not Just Another Friday

Congratulations everyone, the week is over! This selection of horny snow maidens is here to make you feel relaxed this Friday and remember that Christmas is coming! Have a nice weekend.

Dolls For Girls?

Do you believe that dolls are just girlish stuff? Well, if you have a look at these creative dolls, I bet you may want to get one of them for yourself. (especially the yellow one, maybe)

The Italian Traffic Jams

In addition to the previous post made by Peste, it must be said that although Italian women are absolutely stunning, their drivers are completely disorganized…and this can be seen on the following photos.

Hard at work

Some one emailed this to me…its probably all over the internets…but it is just so funny I had to share. These men are concreting steel pillars into the ground to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement in front of a sports bar down town. They are cleaning up at the end of the day.

Awesome Japanese Trains

The first train is designed primarily for the benefit of the kids. It encompasses the whole playground equipped specifically to justify all their needs. The second one is also nice due to its unique strawberry design.

Horror Movie Heroes

These guys look quite adequate in real life. It is unfortunate that many of them are not known to the public while the monsters and other miserable creatures played by them are often highly popular. We aim at resolving this injustice. Charming Kelly Stables from the ‘Ring’.