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Daily Cool Pics

It’s Friday so go get yourself a drink. Remember it is more enjoyable to sip the wine and not bash it over your head.  Both will give you a buzz, but you avoid stitches with the sipping method.

Daily Cool pics

With the birth of digital cameras, cell phone cameras, webcams, the internet, online photo albums, and MySpace hotties have been putting themselves online all the time.  Every now and again we wish none of those things had been invented

Art Wolfe captures the beauty of nature

Art Wolfe is a famous American photographer that is known for his impressive work with nature.  He has performed several assignments for National Geographic and he has released over 60 photo books and instructional videos.

Daily Cool Pics

Sympathy comes in many different shapes and sizes.  When it comes in the shape and size of a topless hottie sitting next to your fat ass you have the decency to look at her!

Daily Cool Pics

You know with the right incentive even I could drag my lazy ass out of bed and work out. Worst case I would sit down and watch her jump rope. I am sure that will get some blood flowing. Plus I’ll get some fresh air which is also a good thing.

Animals have amazing camouflage

No matter how advanced military camouflage becomes it will never be able to compete with the amazing skills of animals in nature.  How long does it take you to spot the critters in these pictures?

Stop Motion Photography

Really cool stop motion photography shows you the phases of some impressive stunts and moments.  I was unable to find out about who took these images so if you know please drop me a line.  I had some stop motion images of me trying to dunk, but when I developed them it just looks like