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This can’t be good


I am back from vacation and these images remind me that no matter how much you enjoy your vacation reality will always come back to smack you in the face.  In some cases that smack is a bull to the crotch.

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Crazy Eyebrow Fails

Ever see someone who just took it a bit too far?  Well these people went way beyond that with their eyebrow fails.

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That doesn’t sound right

I don’t think the people behind these photos are being completely honest with us.  Your thoughts?

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Impressive Fails am I supposed to not read something I need to read!!!  Stop distracting me you damn billboard about not being distracted!!

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Dirty Humor

Don’t you just love it that so many people have very dirty minds?

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Offbeat Driving Laws

It is important when driving that you knows the rules of the road.  Some are obvious and some will make you question the place where you decided to drive.  Check out these crazy offbeat driving laws.

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Reality In Advertising

You have to appreciate truth in advertising.  Some say it is just tricks of the trade while other will say they are advertising fails.

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Texting Wrong Numbers

Next time someone sends you a text message from a wrong number don’t just ignore it. Take that texting fail and create a classic texting win.  These people know how to handle the unwelcome bad text.

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Panoramic Fails

Panoramic photos look so easy on the commercials. Check out these solid panoramic photo fails.

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OCD Nightmares

ocd nightmare 1_0

How do you drive a person with OCD up a wall?  Shem them these annoying little things.

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Hairstyle Fails

bad haitstyles

You don’t see these hair fails hanging in your barbershop.

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Funny Wedding Moments

There is nothing like your wedding day – such a special moment. Of course there are those funny wedding photos you see after everything is done that make you have some regret.

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Funtastically Random Stuff