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Capture The Moment

A moment is captured that makes you wonder what moment did they just witness?

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Bad Toy Fails

Bad Toys 1_0

Sometimes these companies just try too hard and end up with some really bad toys.  These fails will make you think twice about what your kids should be asking Santa for.

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Funny Translation Fails

Lost In Translation 1_0

You have to give them an A for effort but an F for execution with the funny Asian to English translation fails.

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Reality..not always as cool

Reality 15_6

You ever think something is gonna be really cool until you try it?

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Drugs…..They do some bad things

Drugs are bad 1_0

And I thought too much time in the sun can do some damage to your skin.

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Parents are cruel

Bad Names 1_0

Hyman might just be the most amazing name ever… the age of social media it would have bee tough growing up though.

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Whatever 1_0

Some people will just laugh and watch the world burn.

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People Can Be Mean

Mean People 17_8

Some folks just have a screw loose and we are fortunate to have proof.

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One Job To Do

One Job 1_0

You guys had one job to do…just one!

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Ice Skating is so Graceful

Awkward Ice Skating 1_0

Pairs ice skating is seen as a graceful event on ice…not so much when you take it shot by shot.

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Some People

Some People 16_6

Why so….I’m not sure what that is.

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Homework is not for everyone

Bad Homework 26_18

I don’t know if I should laugh or be very worried about who will run this country when I am old.

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