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Gotta Love The News

News 12_3

As the youngest in my family I can confirm this news story.

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How to make your house cool

Cool Home 1_0

I thought just some nice closets and a finished kitchen was all you needed.

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Cool Package

Cool Package 1_0

After a while all products look the same…these products do their best to stand out.

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Catch the Moment

Moment 39_32

Trust me Grandma….mom let’s us do this all the time.  Just stand back and admire the … OH MY GOD NO!!!!

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The Rock Loves Twitter

The Rock Twitter 1_0

Dwayne The Rock Johnson understands how to share stuff on Twitter.  His cheat days would kill an average man.

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Amazing Lego Castle

Lego 1_0

This is how you play with Legos.

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Bathroom Grafitti Goodies

bathroom grafitti 13_4

If you don’t have a magazine or wifi these little gems will entertain you during your alone moments.

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Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction 1_0

Pulp fiction seems like just yesterday to me and it was nearly 20 years ago!  I feel old.

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Unique Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitations 1_0

You can tell a good wedding by the invitation.

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Cool Stuff You Know You Want (60 Photos)


I went to go buy these bookends for my son last night…over $400!!   The rock we have there will be fine for now.

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Moon Planes


Planes are cool…the moon is cool—- well how about planes with the moon???

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Adriana Lima Photo Gallery

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Funtastically Random Stuff