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Don’t touch my food!

People leave notes in the food in the fridge in my office and I will never understand it.  I mean if you didn’t put anything in the fridge will a note really stop you from stealing someone’s food?  People do take it really serious though!

Anime Figures get a bit naughty

The anime industry in Japan is massive and it has become a hit around the globe, but I don’t know if I would be spending money on naughty anime figures.  Well maybe if I were 13 and couldn’t easily obtain real skin mags, but with the Internet is that ever really a problem?

Sci-Fi Kids

I think one of the reasons to have children is so you can relive your youth through them.  I mean how many little kids know who the cast of Star Wars and Star Trek are?  Well lucky for them their parents do and they are cool enough to get them in some sweet costumes for

No bed no problem at the airport

You have all been at the airport and your flight has been delayed, canceled, or you have been denied entry for being blitzed off your ass.  Well if so you know that the airport i also the most comfortable place in the world to catch some shut eye.  Looks at the well rested people.