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Football Fans like costumes

I have been a fan of the NFL for over 27 years now and hav held season tickets since 1993.  I have seen some people dress up, but these people take it to the next level.  Imagine sitting behind one of these idiots?

Daily Cool Pics

The struggling world economy has hit everyone. Even super heroes are being forced to take mass transit instead o the low gas  mileage super vehicles.

Stuff This

Some people lose a pet and can’t let go so they decide getting that animal stuffed is the next best option.  Of course if it isn’t done by a skilled taxidermist you might end up with something horribly scary and disturbing.

Daily Cool Pics

Either someone is setting themselves up to be very disappointed on their wedding night or she is going to get split in half.

Star Wars…..and dogs?

If you are going to dress up your dog peopl will make fun of you, but if you dress your dog like a Star Wars character….well they will still make fun of you but will think the costumes are cool.