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Carnival of Venice 2008

‘The Carnival in Venice is no goof, no consumistic ceremony, but sincere, wonderful heartfelt tradition that goes back in time almost a millennium’, it is claimed. However, long-established tradition, which has usually involved a beautiful woman swooping down onto Venice’s St. Mark’s Squire from the basilica’s bell tower to mark the start of the Carnival

Ultra Lingerie Modernity

Salon International de la Lingerie 2008 was held as part of the Paris Fashion Week this month and showed the latest lingerie trends. This particular collection, Ultra Lingerie, revealed the ideas of various designers as to what concepts are going to rule the world of lingerie in future. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years you’ll

Tough Guy Competition

Tough Guy claims to be the world’s most demanding one day survival ordeal.  Taking place in mid-winter (at the end of January) and summer (at the end of July) in Perton, England, Tough Guy consists of an eight country mile run followed by an assault course which includes challenges such as crawling under barbed wire,

World’s Largest Champagne Fountain

In the Wijnegem Shopping Centre near Antwerpen, Belgium a group of activists is trying to hold a new record. The Champagne Fountain will consist of 43 000 glasses, will be almost 23 feet high and will weigh about 9 tons.