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Capture The Moment

A moment is captured that makes you wonder what moment did they just witness?

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The Joy Of Flying

Window Seat 1_0

Amazing views at 35,000 feet.

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Fun With Chalk

chalk art 1_0

Amazing what you can do with some chalk and imagination.

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Timing in sports

sports timing 15_6

I think I forgot my horse.

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Photos show history

photgraphic history 40_34

Nothing like looking back in time through photos.

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Amazing Photos

amazing photos 16_7

Nothing like being above the clouds.

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Photobomb Fun

Photobomb 13_4

Nothing like little sis freaking out a group of girls taking a cute fancy picture.

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Grand Canyon Fogs

Grand Canyon Fog 20_12

Every now and again you can see a very cool site at the Grand Canyon.  It will fill with fog and look really freaky.

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Catch The Moment

Momenst 1_0

Amazing moments that aren’t this easy to capture when you have been drinking.  All my photos are blurry….or that could just be the alcohol.

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under the sea 1_0

Amazing what goes on underwater.

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Shooting Plexiglass

shot 1_0

Ever wonder what shooting plexiglass looks like?

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Oak Tree

Oak Tree 1_0

One oak tree…thirty photos.

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Funtastically Random Stuff