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Historical Fails

If I sell one painting I could be the next Van Gogh.

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This can’t be good


I am back from vacation and these images remind me that no matter how much you enjoy your vacation reality will always come back to smack you in the face.  In some cases that smack is a bull to the crotch.

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Gorgeous images of castles from around the globe.

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True Body Facts

That first one sounds crazy.  Check out all the amazing body facts that will really blow your mind.

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25 Interesting Facts


You would think Florida — ah the round planet really tricks you up doesn’t it?

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Dark Knight Facts

I was watching The Dark Knight over the weekend and found these facts very interesting.

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Historical Celebrity Lookalikes


Modern day celebs with their historical old school twin.  Check out these celebrity lookalikes that missed out on their own fame by a few years.

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Man Facts

If you area guy are you aware of these interesting man facts?

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Dirty Humor

Don’t you just love it that so many people have very dirty minds?

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Daily Cool Pics

After being on my own this weekend with my two sons I can relate to this mess photo.  I think I still have a couch, but it is probably just under this huge pile of toys.

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True and Weird Body Facts

You sometimes forget that the human body is one crazy place.  Check out these true, weird, and amazing facts about your body.

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Unique and Funny Ideas

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Funtastically Random Stuff