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Sexy Beer Babes

hot beer babe

You have to appreciate going out to a bar and not seeing every girl with a fruity pink drink.  Here you can find some sexy beer babes!

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Remembering St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patricks Day 1_0

St.Patrick’s Day is a day where everyone comes together.  It has its high moments and low moments…this is a look at them all.

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You have a point

True 13_4

Ah yes I see what you did here.

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Dogs that are shamed

Sorry Dogs 7_26

I am sure this note made daddy feel better…or not.

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Fitness or Drinking?

drinking meme 24_16

Why not just put the two together?

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Back to School

back to school 1_0

Who is ready to get back to school and hit the…..books?

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The Rock Loves Twitter

The Rock Twitter 1_0

Dwayne The Rock Johnson understands how to share stuff on Twitter.  His cheat days would kill an average man.

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drunk 1_0

Mom college is amazing..I am learning so much!

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Drinking…Doesn’t always end well

drunk fun 1_0
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The Joys Of College

College 38_31

When I am paying $70,000a year for my kid to go to college these scenes will not make me happy.

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Demotivational Posters

Demotivational Posters 15_6

I have a black cat…he sits outside a door so when you walk into a dark hallway he scares the hell out of you.

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Drinking can lead to bad things (49 Photos)

Drinking Fun 33_26

Remember kids that when you go to college and get drunk…it isn’t all fun and games.

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