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Dogs are Cute

Happy Dogs 11_2

Silly and cute dogs are still just that when they look like this.

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Good Dog

good dog 4_7

Dogs can be wonderful pets.

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Cute and SIlly Animals

animals 1_0

Catnip?  Are you serious?  Where are we Colorado?

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Catch the Moment

moment 20_12

I control the fire!

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Dogs are quite the trip

Funny Dogs 17_8

For all you dog people out there….so true.

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Cool Pet Owners

Pet Owners 2_11

What do you do for your pet?

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Animal Photobomb

Photobomb 17_8

Smile….what the!?

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Anyone want to make a dinosaur?

Insects 10_1

Well if you want to do a Jurassic Park at home you will need one of these prehistoric bugs.

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I don’t need no stinkin dog rules

dog rules 19_10

Yeah like I’m gonna follow your silly human rules!

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stingrays 1_0

Stingrays are very graceful creatures.  I fed them at Seaworld…very cool.

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Baby Animals and their Moms

baby animals 1_0

In the spirit of all this baby talk going on I give you a bunch of babies and their moms.

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Animals love Teddy Bears

Animals with teddy bears 1_0

Everyone loves a teddy bear.

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