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This can’t be good


I am back from vacation and these images remind me that no matter how much you enjoy your vacation reality will always come back to smack you in the face.  In some cases that smack is a bull to the crotch.

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Daily Cool Pics

After being on my own this weekend with my two sons I can relate to this mess photo.  I think I still have a couch, but it is probably just under this huge pile of toys.

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Cute animals with stuffed animals

What is cuter than little puppies and kittens and other small creatures?  Those small little guys with cute stuffed animals.

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Albino Animals

Albino deer

Unique and cool albino animal images.

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Spot The Dog

fun find the dog photos by

How long did it take you to spot the dog?

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Dogs are Cute

Happy Dogs 11_2

Silly and cute dogs are still just that when they look like this.

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Good Dog

good dog 4_7

Dogs can be wonderful pets.

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Cute and SIlly Animals

animals 1_0

Catnip?  Are you serious?  Where are we Colorado?

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Catch the Moment

moment 20_12

I control the fire!

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Dogs are quite the trip

Funny Dogs 17_8

For all you dog people out there….so true.

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Cool Pet Owners

Pet Owners 2_11

What do you do for your pet?

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Animal Photobomb

Photobomb 17_8

Smile….what the!?

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Funtastically Random Stuff