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Starry Night

One thing I miss about being out in a field at night away from the city is seeing the stars.  You don’t get to enjoy the sky at night when you live in a city that never sleeps.

Secluded House is Awesome

The House in the Sea is located off the English coast at Newquay, Cornwall. The house is perched on a large rock — or very small island if you will and is only accessible via footbridge from the next island.

NASACR Trailers are nice

NASCAR drivers and teams are on the road a lot during the year traveling from race to race. If you are top tier driver you deserve a top tier ride. Check out the mobile homes these guys travel with.

Boston Snow is crazy

Sometimes you like a little bit of snow, but I think the love of the movie Frozen for some people in New England has led to some sort of hellish curse of snow.  Who wants to go help shovel?

Star Wars Snow Sculpture

The 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival kicked off today and the most impressive snow sculpture of all features Darth Vader, his three stormtroopers and TIE fighters. This Star Wars snow sculpture was created by Japan’s army troopers, or the 11th Brigade of the Ground Self-Defense Forces, using a set of bulldozers.