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You have a point

True 13_4

Ah yes I see what you did here.

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Amazing Cupcakes


I have a hard time making the cupcake…this is way beyond my horrible baking skills.

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Cool Package

Cool Package 1_0

After a while all products look the same…these products do their best to stand out.

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Nothing says love like McDonald’s

Mcdonald Wedding 22_14

You want your marriage to last you share a Quarter Pounder with Cheese on your wedding night.

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Sarcasm 13_4

You have to appreciate a solid sarcastic response to a sign.

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Creativity makes everything better

Packaging 30_23

I would buy some of this stuff just to get the package I get to throw out.

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Restaurant Fun

eating out fun 1_0

When you go out to eat why can’t the people helping you have some fun?

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Food Name Fails

Name Fails 20_12

Mmmmmm just sounds amazing don’t they?

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Mmmm Bacon

bacon 2_2

Who loves bacon?

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Who likes wine?

wine 1_0

Anyone for a glass of wine on this Friday?

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Divorce Cakes

divorce cakes 22_14

For some divorce is the best thing ever.

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Amazing Foam Art

Kazuki Yamamoto 1_0

Sometimes a simple black coffee just isn’t enough so Kazuki Yamamoto makes something a bit more special.

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Funtastically Random Stuff