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Interesting Facts

Odd Facts 14_5

Sometimes you just need some stuff to think about and ponder.

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Whatever 1_0

Some people will just laugh and watch the world burn.

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You have a point

True 13_4

Ah yes I see what you did here.

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Photobomb Fun

Photobomb 1_0

Your wedding day…so special.

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People Can Be Mean

Mean People 17_8

Some folks just have a screw loose and we are fortunate to have proof.

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Fun With Chalk

chalk art 1_0

Amazing what you can do with some chalk and imagination.

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recycle 43_37

Nothing like using common household items for another purpose.

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Amazing Cupcakes


I have a hard time making the cupcake…this is way beyond my horrible baking skills.

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Gotta Love The News

News 12_3

As the youngest in my family I can confirm this news story.

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How to make your house cool

Cool Home 1_0

I thought just some nice closets and a finished kitchen was all you needed.

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Cool Package

Cool Package 1_0

After a while all products look the same…these products do their best to stand out.

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Just Some Funny

Funny 14_5

Just laugh a bit to start your day.

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Funtastically Random Stuff