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San Fermín Festival in Spain

The festival of San Fermín in the city of Pamplona is a deeply-rooted celebration held annually from noon 6 July to midnight 14 July. Its events were central to the plot of The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, which brought it to the general attention of English-speaking people. It has become probably the most

Extreme Kayaking

Extreme kayaking is not good for everyone but, extraordinarily, it is becoming more and more popular as adrenalin junkies further their quest for a high-octane thrill. And as these amazing photographs – taken by professional photographer Lucas Gilman – show, there’s now a whole extreme kayaking world out there.

Dangerous Bridge

I thought that was possible only in the Indiana Jones movies and alike! But these bridges do exist in reality! Can anyone tell me where it is situated?


European Soccer Cup final is approaching! In the meantime we give you photos of the hottest fans from almost all the countries that participated in the current Cup!

Giant Art

Huge installations have become a trend. We give you a compilation of weird conceptual works that boast great sizes. Some of them have already appeared on Funtasticus in previous posts with much less attention paid to them. Now it’s a more coherent selection!