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Pirates of the XXI Century


Pirates have stormed a French luxury yacht off the coast of Somalia and taken its 30-strong crew hostage. The French military said it has forces in the area and is launching an operation to take back the ship and free the captives. Le Ponant was heading from the Seychelles to the Mediterranean Sea when pirates […]

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Futuristic Movie Theater in China


The AMC Pacific Place Cinema was opened on December 9th in Hong Kong, China. Refurbished by James Law Cybertecture International, Pacific Place Cinema is on the ground floor of the Pacific Place mall in the Queensway district on Hong Kong Island. The space use to be a two auditorium UA Pacific Place Cinema. The newly […]

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How Will You Rate These Rare Shots?


Awesome rare shoots collected in my inbox… Wonderful photography skills shown. Check out other rare shots after the jump !

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Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong Costs $122,000


One of the key moments of the Singapore Fashion Festival held last week was the demonstration of the Triumph luxurious diamond thong which had 518 brilliant-cut diamonds, totaling 30 carats, studded into the front of a black lace thong in a floral pattern. The overall cost of the thong is $122,000. The photo below shows […]

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Venice in Dubai


United Arab Emirates is now trying these days to create Venice in Dubai by building an artificial canal. Aside from the staggering US$11bn tag price on the Arabian Canal, its developers promise it will be the largest and most complex work of engineering in the Middle East since the construction of the Suez Canal in […]

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The School of The Future


Orestad College is the new danish school, built around an open area that can be seen from almost every floor. It looks like a big mall. It offers fields of study in science, social science and human science. The purpose of the college is to realize the 2005 reform’s aims to strengthen and renew the […]

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Tokyo – The Twilight Zone


Here are some very beautiful shots of Tokyo at twilight as seen by a famous Japanese photographer Sato Shintaro. That’s what Mr. Shintaro writes on his page about these photos: “I take photographs of Tokyo townscape from emergency staircase of multi-tenant buildings and of apartment houses. Most of staircases are facing back streets, and it […]

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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Dining Experiences


Eating out is fun! However, it is always necessary to remember that places do differ and if you decide to visit a cafe or a restaurant where you have never been before, you’ll need to make sure that this place is not included in our list of “Top 10 Most Ridiculous Dining Experiences” or you […]

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Louise Bourgeois Retrospective in Paris


Louise Bourgeois is regarded as one of the most important artists working today. Born in 1911 in Paris, she studied under Léger, André Lhôte and Roger Bissière in the 1930s before moving to New York in 1938. Bourgeois has always been at the forefront of new developments in art, but has pursued a wholly personal […]

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Top 10 Jackie Chan Stunts


For those of you who don’t know who this legendary man is here is an excerpt from Wiki: Jackie Chan is one of the best-known names in kung fu and action films worldwide for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative stunts. He has acted since the 1970s, appearing in […]

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Amazing China


Forget about human rights and the freedom of speech issues for a while and look what a beautiful country China is in reality!

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Picturesque Dusks and Dawns


These times of the day always present us with some really wonderful views! This is true in all corners of the world, which can be seen from the images below!

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