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More Beijing Olympics Snaps

I know it’s over, but here are more interesting and funny snapshots from the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Some are really well taken and at the perfect moment. There’s actually more but not sure if you guys are interested?

Sexy Figurines

Ok, so this is not the same as real sexy chicks, but I thought that this is interesting for a change. Some nice well-crafted sexy figurines perhaps? Interestingly, most of them are Anime or Asian related. Is this only an Asian thing?

Mud Festival Fun in South Korea

Is it me or is playing in the mud the new in-thing these days? Here are fun pics of another mud festival, this time held in South Korea. Anyone participated in mud festivals around the world?

Stonehenge Spoof

Heard of Stonehenge? What about Carhenge?? Check out the ‘replica’ of the Stonehenge found in Nebraska (USA) but with cars! Pretty humorous I must say, now you may not need to travel so far to see this famous monument, if you live in the US, that is. Just in case you didn’t know, the real

Narrowest Street in the World

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the narrowest street in the world is located in Reutlingen, Germany. In reality, it’s just a passageway, an exit from a rear courtyard. In the eighteenth century, this district was completely destroyed in a huge fire. To ensure that, in future, fires couldn’t spread so easily from house