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10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women

Travelers Digest Magazine brings to your attention its own version of 10 cities with the most beautiful women. 10. Amsterdam, Holland Of course Amsterdam must make the list. This city has women more beautiful riding past on bicycles than other cities have going by in chauffeured cars. Dutch girls are amazing in so many ways,

Dinner In The Sky

Dinner in the Sky is a unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests! Breakfast in the sky, lunch in the sky, cocktails in the sky, meeting in the sky, internet café in the sky… there is

Outdoor Dentists and Hairdressers

That’s how dentists and hairdressers work in India! No need for the office or any premises whatsoever (with a rare exception). Just a chair and a set of necessary equipment. May be beneficial for those who like fresh air but I would prefer a tidier environment. Just in case…

World War II Aerography on Planes

I doubt whether aerography on planes was the best way to cheer up troops, but it was definitely something that could distinguish the US air force from the rest. Moreover, it proves that aerography has a long and rich history.

International German Beard Championship

Over 100 contestants have participated at the International Beard Championship, in the north of Germany. All the contestants had creative beards and moustaches but the winner was a beard twisted in the shape of a windmill. The name of the winner of this beard contest is Elmar Weiss. International German Beard Championships, Eging am See, Bayern.

World’s Most Dangerous Bird

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Cassowaries are the world’s most dangerous birds, capable of dealing fatal blows. They are very unpredictable, aggressive creatures, especially if wounded or cornered. The Cassowary lives in the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea and are actually pretty shy animals if undisturbed, but if you get

Liberty of the Seas is the New Titanic

Liberty of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean cruise ship of the Freedom class which entered regular service in May 2007. The 15-deck ship accommodates 4,370 passengers served by 1,360 crew. She was built in 18 months at the Aker Finnyards drydock in Turku, Finland, where her sister ship Freedom of the Seas was also

Why Japan is a Weird Country…

This year’s Japanese Phallic Festival (yes, yes, you read it correctly ) took place in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo and it gathered more than 30,000 worshipers who praised the sexuality gods and asked for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Hmm…what a weird festival, isn’t it?