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World’s Most Dangerous Bird

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Cassowaries are the world’s most dangerous birds, capable of dealing fatal blows. They are very unpredictable, aggressive creatures, especially if wounded or cornered. The Cassowary lives in the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea and are actually pretty shy animals if undisturbed, but if you get

Liberty of the Seas is the New Titanic

Liberty of the Seas is a Royal Caribbean cruise ship of the Freedom class which entered regular service in May 2007. The 15-deck ship accommodates 4,370 passengers served by 1,360 crew. She was built in 18 months at the Aker Finnyards drydock in Turku, Finland, where her sister ship Freedom of the Seas was also

Why Japan is a Weird Country…

This year’s Japanese Phallic Festival (yes, yes, you read it correctly ) took place in Kawasaki, south of Tokyo and it gathered more than 30,000 worshipers who praised the sexuality gods and asked for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Hmm…what a weird festival, isn’t it?

Sony Floods Miami With Foam

For Sony’s latest TV advert, they have flooded Miami with foam. The “Foam City” was created last month (more info here) across several blocks of Miami using the world’s biggest foam machine, capable of producing 2 million litres a minute. Streets, shops, car parks, trucks and people were all covered. The seven-day shoot involved a

Photos of the Marathon des Sables

While many of you (including me, of course) are preparing to spend a lovely weekend, there are people out there who jsut don’t know what the rest is like. The Marathon des Sables which is considered to be the toughest foot race on Earth ended just a couple of days ago where 900 athletes from

Singapore – The Country of Hopes

We continue to introduce you to various cities and places around the world. Today it’s Singapore, the country of a unique blend of the best of the modern world and rich local cultures. Located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a thriving centre of commerce and industry. Let’s explore some amazing

A Miracle Oasis in the Middle of The Desert

Located in the Ica Province, near the city of Ica, Huacachina is known as the oasis of America, where many tourists come for the huge sand dunes and sandsurfing. The legend says the place was created by a princess caught bathing by a local hunter. The pool of water she left became a lagoon, while

Pirates of the XXI Century

Pirates have stormed a French luxury yacht off the coast of Somalia and taken its 30-strong crew hostage. The French military said it has forces in the area and is launching an operation to take back the ship and free the captives. Le Ponant was heading from the Seychelles to the Mediterranean Sea when pirates