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Rachel Weisz is stunning

Rachel Weisz is a stunning38 year old Oscar winning English actress.  She has been in a lot of movies and for me I remember her most from hr role a Evy in the first two Mummy films.  She took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 2005 for The Constant Gardener and has several

Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens is 31 year old English singer, actress, and model. She shot to fame as one of the lead singers of the group S Club, but went solo in 2003 releasing two albums. Most recently she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and finished in second place.

Elizabeth Hurley has some great assets

Elizabeth Hurley is a 44 year old English actress and model that is best known for once being part of huge power couple with Hugh Grant that ended after a little run in he had with a hooker and for having a body that just doesn’t stop.  Hurley has appeared in numerous films including Austin

Elisha Cuthbert does Canada proud

Elisha Cuthbert is a 26 year old Canadian born actress. She is known for her early work as host of the kids show Popular Mechanics for Kids.  From their she had a small but memorable role in Old School and followed that up with the role that made her a sex symbol in The Girl

Donna Air makes you light headed

Donna Air is a 29 year old English actress, model, singer, and television presenter.  She found stardom for her role on Byker Grove and has gone on to star and present on numerous shows as well as being involved with a couple of musical groups.

Michael Jackson Tattoos

I understand that Michael Jackson was a trend setting and record setting musical talent that impacted the uic scene around the world, but he was always a bit off.  Not many people were close enough to him to truly be defined as a friend and his memorial had speakers that had never even met the