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Tooshie Tuesday

amateur girls 8_19

I have to agree with this lead photo..Body Glove indeed!

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Ashley Sky

Ashley Sky 1_0

Ashley Sky looks good under a sunny sky or a rainy sky.

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Friday Wild Girls

Pretty busty in pink…or just pretty in pink.  Either way who doesn’t like some sexy amateurs ladies on a Friday?

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Jog Bra Goodness

The jog bra or sport bra was designed to make women feel more comfortable while working out. Well the boob spandex is a wonderful invention that allows men to admire women in half a shirt while working out…you think those mirrors are there so we can watch out own form?

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Tata Thursday

amateur girls 1_0

I don’t know what kind of stitching is holding those three pieces of fabric together, but that is some solid craftsmanship.

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Sexy Pigtail Babes

Pigatils 14_5

There is something about a sexy lady in pigtails that just makes you think of Summer, a day at the beach, and good times.

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Hump Day Hotties

I could look down at that all day.

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Just A Little Tug

little tug 7_19

Amazing how a little pull on some fabric can make a sexy picture so much sexier.

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Tooshie Tuesday

amateur girls 18_9

Really you need to take up the squat rack for that?  Some people at the gym I swear!

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Venezuelan Michelel Lewin

Michelle Lewin 15_6

Michelle Lewin is an amazingly sexy Venezuelan fitness model.

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Monday Morning Memories

amateur girls 16_7

Throw in a glass of scotch and what more do you need?

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Stacy Gray

Stacy Gray 1_0

Stacy Gray can fill out  a bikini like few can.

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