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Sporting Beauty Leryn Franco


Does she look familiar to you? She might if you have been watching the recently concluded Beijing Olympics 2008, track-and-field events. Yup, she was one of the Olympics athlete, Javelin throw to be more precise. I can safely say that she is one of the most beautiful athlete in this year’s Olympics if not THE […]

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Chinese Sexiness in Abstract Form


These are photographs from a Chinese photographer in China who shoots for FHM. Pretty abstract and unconventional stuff, but yet not losing the engaging and sexual touch of FHM pictures. Seems to have the same style as the sexy football girls we posted a few weeks back ya?

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Busty Buggy Chick


Not sure why would anyone choose to shoot a hot girl with a buggy, but I guess, a hot girl looks hot with anything so it doesn’t really matter.

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Performance World Car Show Girls


Another hot set of car show girls for you this Monday. Hot cars and smoking chicks, why aren’t there more Car Shows around?

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Stephanie Rotuna


Part Hungarian, part Swedish, part Italian, all hotness. That’s Stephanie Rotuna. She was born on 27 February 1981, lives in Southern Florida and has a degree in fashion designing. Most bimbo-tic quote from her: “I love being naked – I feel so free and sexy!”

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Friday Beach Babes


Friday seems like the perfect day to enjoy the sun down at the beach, where the waves are crashing in, people soaking in the heat and the girls looking hot. If you don’t have that luxury right now, here are some hot chicks by the beach as consolation. Have a sexy weekend!

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Voluptuous Beauty


Sorry guys, no idea who this smoking hot babe is except that she is smoking hot. Looks quite gorgeous too if you ask me. Thought I should share her with everyone. Happen to be anybody’s girlfriend?

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NASCAR Babe Nicky Fleites


Nicky Fleites is one hot NASCAR gal. She is a student at Florida State University (brains & body?) and lives in Miami, Florida. Her favorite NASCAR track is Daytona and she enjoys beach volleyball (wouldn’t you love to see her in action?) and poker. Worst pickup line ever used on her? “If I gave you […]

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Hot Supergirls


These are the types of superheroes that the world needs more of! Alright, who needs saving? Please take a number behind me… Elisha Cuthbert Supergirl

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Jeisa Chiminazzo


Jeisa Chiminazzo is an internationally renowned fashion model. Born in Brazil on 12 April 1985, she was discovered in 1999 and is now staying in New York since 2000.

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Mexican-French Perfection – Moar Angelique Boyer


This is definitely one hot Mexican-French model that is almost like a mix between Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson (in my opinion of course, don’t thrash me if you disagree). But she definitely looks more classy than both of them!

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Danielle Lloyd


She is an English glamour model born on 16 December 1983 in Liverpool. She won Miss England in 2004 and Miss Great Britain in 2006, pretty impressive records for a model! However, she became highly noticed only after posing nude for the December 2006 issue of Playboy and not to mention her relationship with Teddy […]

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