Hot Girls Archive

Red Lingerie

Came across this (amateur?) set of photos of just 1 chick in red, thought that she was quite naturally beautiful in most aspects. She also has that Ann Hathaway thing going for her. Hope you like her.

Sleeping Beauties

After a whole weekend of partying and drinking, it’s no wonder these girls are so exhausted. Some really nice candid shots of girls in sweet slumber. Zzzzzzz….

Flash Asses!

We figured that the normal pictures of sexy asses might not be enough for some of you anymore. So here are some hot asses that move!

Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Karissa and Kristina Shannon are the latest sensations in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. They are a gorgeous pair of twins that will double any guy’s temperature in an instant. Careful your engine does not overheat.

Friday Girls Doing Chores

We know that you couldn’t get enough of the sexy housewives series that we posted the last time, so here is more for your guilty pleasure. I’m sure most men wouldn’t mind returning home to any one of these everyday! Especially when it is the weekend!

Amazing Sexy Body Art

Or some might call it body painting, but whatever it is called, it is still really really sexy and amazing to look at! No need for swimsuits or lingerie anymore!

Shannon Sky

I shall cut to the chase and tell you that Shannon Sky is a DD-size. She was born in Ohio on March 15th. Some interesting quote from her: There is no stereotype of someone like me. Just when you think you’ve figured me out..I will unleash one more surprise on you..;)

Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington is one successful model. She is a professional model from liverpool born on 3 November 1980 in San Mateo, California, USA. At the mere age of 16, she captured the crown of Miss Liverpool and her fame and popularity has been climbing since. She went on to win the sexiest new model of

Beautiful Pairs

I believe that God really has a sense of humor such that 2 lumps of flesh on the chest of women can turn on a guy so insanely nuts! Appreciate the wonders of God’s creations.

Perfect CG Girls

Ah, the powers of Computer Graphics that can create the perfect woman. As CG becomes more and more developed, it will soon be able to create girls that can attract a guy more than real girls do. Unfortunately, these girls will and can only remain in the world of our imaginations.

Alizee Poulicek – Miss Belgium 2008

When Alizee Poulicek was chosen as Miss Belgium 2008, she received the crown with resounding boos from the audience. Yup, it cannot be her lack of good looks that resulted in the dissatisfaction, but the fact that she completely failed the language test of the competition since she could neither speak or understand Dutch, the