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Friday Party Girls!

TGIF!!!! It’s time to paaaaaaarrrrrrty!! But remember to invite us if you are gonna get girls like that (or better) in your party! Have a great weekend guys & gals.

COSMO’s Sizzling Bikini-Girls World Record

Cosmopolitan organised a record breaking commercial by assembling 1602 sexy bikini-clad women all over Russia in Black Sea resort of Sochi. This record displaces the last year’s record set in September where 1010 women formed the word Cosmo on Bondi Beach. This time they spelt ‘’ and have been officially registered in the Guinness World

Jessica Jane Clement the ‘Hustler’

Jessica Jane Clement is probably more famous in UK where she became popular in the BBC production, The Real Hustle. Born on 24 February 1985 in South Yorkshire, England, she is not only a TV presenter, but an English glamour model and an actress too. I think she is just gorgeous.

Celebrity Less-Than Glamorous Photos

The name Alison Jackson may not ring a bell, but if you love reading celebrity gossip and read trashy magazines, you would most likely have seen her works. Yup, she is renowned for her high controversial photography of celebrities. I’m sure you must be wondering, what are those?? Check them out below.

Norelys Rodriguez

Venezuela is where you want to be to see this amazing beauty. She was 2nd runner-up in the Miss Venezuela 2001 and was voted Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality & Miss Personality in that contest. Not bad for a 2nd prize eh?

Another Hot Heroine Kristen Bell

Another hot Heroine (as in being featured in Heroes? get it, get it??) on the trails of Hayen Panettiere for all our fans to enjoy. From her own mouth, she is barely a B-cup. Perhaps it’s just me, but I still find it difficult to tell them apart and when I first Kristen appear on

Miss Bikini 2008 – Part 2

We were pondering whether to include this part2 since there were a few of you guys complaining that they looked ugly. But I guess girls in skimpy bikini will always be popular no matter how ugly they look, and come on, they might not compare to supermodels, but to the average gal, they are at