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Timing in sports

sports timing 15_6

I think I forgot my horse.

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Ice Skating is so Graceful

Awkward Ice Skating 1_0

Pairs ice skating is seen as a graceful event on ice…not so much when you take it shot by shot.

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Lindsey Duke

Lindsey Duke 13_4

Lindsey Duke is the very highly searched and appreciate girlfriend of UCF quarterback Blake Bortels.

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Philadelphia Cheerleaders

Eagles Cheerleaders 9_8

You have to give it to the Philadelphia Eagles…they do know how to market their cheerleaders.

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Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

Denver Brocos Cheerleaders 41_35

Looks like the fans of Denver have more to cheer for than just the 5-0 Broncos.

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Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleaders

Dallas Cowgirls 1_0

I am not a Cowboy fan, but I do appreciate all the work the cheerleaders put into their job.

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Lingerie Football

lingerie football 6_13

Maybe the Giants to try some of these ladies out.

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Sexy Russian Athletes

Russians 11_2

Russia sure can produce some fine looking athletes.

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Gotta Love Tennis

tennis 11_2

I should have taken up tennis as a kid.

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Lumberjacks 1_0

Swing true or you will cut your leg off.

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Hernandezing…an awful new fad

Hernandez 14_5

Aaron Hernandez might be in jail for the murder of a friend and might also be subject to further murder chargers from an unsolved double slay in 2012, but that doesn’t mean some people can’t get a good laugh out of the whole thing.¬† This makes you wish the Tebowing fad would come back.

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Extreme Sports

extreme sports 4_16

 Nothing like a lit alternative athletic enjoyment.

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