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Hernandezing…an awful new fad

Hernandez 14_5

Aaron Hernandez might be in jail for the murder of a friend and might also be subject to further murder chargers from an unsolved double slay in 2012, but that doesn’t mean some people can’t get a good laugh out of the whole thing.  This makes you wish the Tebowing fad would come back.

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Extreme Sports

extreme sports 4_16

 Nothing like a lit alternative athletic enjoyment.

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Rick’s Supports The Jets

Ricks Cabaret Jets 1_0

  If you are looking for  a place to watch your favorite NY team this Sunday you can’t go wrong sitting back and enjoying the view at Rick’s Cabaret!  The club is full of big screen monitors so no matter where you are sitting you get a view of the game and a view of […]

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Very Fit Women (56 Photos)

fit women 27_19

It takes work to stay in shape and these pictures just make me realize how out of shape I am.

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Moments…and not the good kind

moments 4_33

  Nothing like those not so wonderful moments for athletes and some normal folk.

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Daily Cool Pics

Daily 4_14

How to make a parent proud….I fear the teen years.

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Beach Volleyball SKills (44 Photos)

beach volleyball 8_42

Beach volleyball is just amazing.

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Moments In Sports (82 Photos)

moments in sports 79_76

Sue this isn’t a kick to the face or a great block, but it is a perfect pick.

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I Miss Football


The NFL Draft is less than a month away.  Maybe the Jets will draft one of these ladies for Tebow to practice with.

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No Guts No Glory


You have to want it and be willing to risk everything to get it.

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Female Athletes


If you don’t love sports you need to start trying to at least appreciate the athletes.

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Amazon Holiday Deals

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