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Fun with Photoshop (20 Photos)


A seal bird would be so cool!

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Robots (33 Photos)


Nothing like your own electronic body.

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Star Wars


Can you ever get too much Star Wars?  Well sure Episode 1 and how Darth was a little whiny bitch before part IV…but other than that  May The Force Be With You!

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Beluga Yacht


This isn’t your dad’s fishing boat.

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Women love gadgets (34 Photos)


If a laptops came with one of these ladies I might go pick a few up at lunch.

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Plane Art (23 Images)


The pin-up girls made famous during WWII are still quality pieces of art.  Of course their have been updates since the 40′s.

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Space (30 Images)


It is hard to imagine sometimes that Earth is just a little speck in the vastness of space.

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Fancy Mice (22 Photos)


Who says your mouse has to be boring?

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Cool Rides (28 Photos)


If you grew up in the 80′s you are really wanting one of these bad boys!

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Mercedes goes techie


If you are going to buy a Mercedes and don’t want to miss time you can be working this nice little number might be just what you are looking for.The Brabus Mercedes-Benz s600 iBusiness custom car…if you need to ask how much you can’t afford one!

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Tifa Lockheart fans rejoice (40 Photos)


Tifa Lockheart is a character from Final Fantasy VII and has quit e a loyal following.  Where are my gamers at?

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Photoshop Portraits


Photoshop is a powerful tool…I can make amazing circles and boxes with it.   On a good day and can fill said shapes with a solid color.

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Funtastically Random Stuff